Hi, I'm Lubna, a freelance health and wellness copywriter, physician assistant, and all-around science nerd.

Like so many of us in the medical field, I became a physician assistant because I loved to help people. Becoming a freelance copywriter has allowed me to channel my passion for writing and allow my creative side to once again take center stage. With copywriting, I get to help traditional and functional medical leaders grow their business and reach more patients and customers.

How am I different from other copywriters?

  • I use my background and expertise to break down difficult topics into easy-to-digest, bite-sized pieces. 
  • I give your articles, emails, web content, and blogs a relatable voice.
  • I'm known for thinking outside of the box and keeping the "big picture" in mind.
  • Most importantly, I can help you grow your business, reach more people, and drive up sales. 

Ready to see how you can grow your business? Send me an email to start discussing your next marketing strategy!

health and wellness copywriter in nyc at the beach
Channeling my inner hippie.